Privacy Policy

The New Times Nutrition Privacy Policy is to ensure that readers interested in your personal identification information (PII) online. This term is used in the privacy and information security laws of the United States and presents a general type of information that provides certain information about a person. The identifiable identity, site or response data can be personal information. Read our Privacy Policy to understand how we collect, use, process and protect the information of our subscribers.

What Does It Include In The Personal Information We Collect?

Given the nature of the site, the data we need is simply the simplest. For example, we can ask your name, email address, subscription information, etc.

How Do We Collect Personally Identifiable Information?

The only way we can collect information from individual users is when you register in the newsletter. Making it fill out a form with the basic information about it.

How Do We Use Personal Identification Information?

We may use this information as part of any marketing survey or communication. Your comments and opinions are important to us, as they help us improve user satisfaction. In addition, it guarantees a better service to the clients in case it is necessary.

How Do We Protect Your Data?

We regularly scan our website to make sure all breaches and privacy threats are covered, if any. The information you share is stored in the secure network and only a small number of people have access to it. We guarantee the protection of your privacy rights.

In addition, all confidential information, such as your payment information, is encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Do We Allow Third Party Connections?

Sometimes we guarantee a third-party product or information associated with us. All of these parties have their own privacy policy and we are not responsible for any privacy policy independent of these parties. However, we are working to protect the security of our website and its subscribers. We also appreciate your comments if you wish to share it with us.


To connect with your experiences on our site, many web pages contain cookies. The question is what are cookies. Cookies are a type of text file that we place on your system so you can store your preferences. Cookies will not inform us about your personal information, such as phone number, email address, etc. We only use cookies to understand the use of the site, so we can improve it day by day. We also use cookies to provide products, services and software.

How Is Personal Information Stored?

When a user visits the blog, the IP address used to access the login website is used with the date and time. The information we use is only for the management of the site. We track all the initial movements and demographic information of our viewers for our progressive planning. Registered information, especially the IP address, is not associated with personally identifiable information.